AMD Radeon HD 7990 Available in March 2012 with 6GB GDDR5

AMD Radeon cards, product transition

The Radeon HD 7970 has been launched few days ago, and the web is already talking about the Radeon HD 7990, AMD’s ultra high end card based on two Tahiti GPUs. The HD 7990, successor of Radeon HD 6990, will be launched in March 2012. This launch date seems ok since HD 6990 has been launched in March 2011.

The Radeon HD 7990 will pack 6GB of GDDR5 memory (actually 3GB per GPU). And thanks to the ZeroCore Power technology, the second GPU can be completely stopped (no power consumption) when it’s not in use (CrossFire or GPU computing).

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  • darknet

    waw thanks AMD i’m waiting for it ;

  • Scrooge

    keep up with technology is difficult, every year we have to change the video card to be updated, fuck you I’m not millionaire AMD Nvidia

  • Yeah….

    It should be “Buy the high end GPU today, and get the next high end GPU absolutely FREEE!!!”


  • 2xSpeed

    Wait, wait, wait, that’s what i do, games don’t get any better at lest gaming part it don’t.

  • Psolord

    I want to see this installed on a 32bit os.

  • Joseph

    “keep up with technology is difficult, every year we have to change the video card to be updated, fuck you I’m not millionaire AMD Nvidia”

    If you get a top end card you can normally make them last a good 2-3 years.

    Unless you buy a new top end card just to play the one game a year that is a system killer but still looks epic on high rather than ultra…

  • Jon Tomas

    I agree with you guys buy high end this year, if new release is within 12 months get it free. Otherwise, as the other poster said, no cherry for Amd & Nvidia.

  • I been building high end systems for years and other types of computers for custom jobs as well as servers and workstations, i have to disagree with Joseph as i found the TOP cards at the time who ever makes it AMD , Nvidia are often so clocked up and so tweaked that they fail in 2-3 years hence i recommend mid range you get all the features of the top end cards
    just a little less power and in SLI or crossfire you will get better performance out of 2 mid range cards vs 1 top end card and longer life, but guys keep in mind as well how many games now right now Force DX11 not many

    to PSolord mentioned 32bit OS >>> please understand you will not get anything out of your systems now days if you do not have 64bit os as you will hit the 3GB limit and video ram counts as well.

    please people upgrade to a 64bit OS now as 32bit OS is really Usless in this day and age where 8GB of ram is $50.
    will any of these new cards be PCI-E 3.0 Native or will they be Fake 3.0 like the GA boards?

  • ReddDog

    It is always my dog is better than your dog but who pays for it? WE DO the customer, thats who. C’mon AMD & NVidia we are not rich by any means. Quit playing around and put a price on these card WE can afford. C’mon $1000 for a 690
    who has that kind of money lying around just to buy a video card. You can buy a complete system with a mid range card for that price.
    Wake the F$@K up people.