Beautiful Collection of Women in 3D

Woman 3D - 3D painting

Here is a mega collection of nice 3D images (or anaglyph images or stereoscopic images), mainly focused on women (yeah!). So if you’re a fanatic of red/cyan glasses, just go on this flickr stream (be sure to use the fullscreen mode). Some images are just incredible, so real.

Woman 3D - 3D painting

Woman 3D - 3D painting

Woman 3D - 3D painting

Woman 3D - 3D painting


  • Toto

    Very nice! I had to borrow the 3D glasses from my daughter’s Barbie 3D movie, but it was worth it!

  • igorprecep

    Nice pisc! After watching some of those pictures I wish to make 4th child… 😀

  • WacKEDmaN

    some of them pics have the best depth ive seen in anaglyph 3D..and the subject matter makes it well worth it!..much better than 3d rock from mars!! lol

  • Athlon

    sadly I don’t have 3d galsses, I wish I had these in Cross-Eyed version ( side by side pictures )…

  • Luxo

    Nice woman, but anaglyph is just wrong technology

  • Angus

    Nice anaglyphs, but women are just wrong biotechnology