injectSMAA: Add SMAA Support in your DX9, DX10 and DX11 Games (*** Updated with Download ***)

 *                  _______  ___  ___       ___           ___
 *                 /       ||   \/   |     /   \         /   \
 *                |   (---- |  \  /  |    /  ^  \       /  ^  \
 *                 \   \    |  |\/|  |   /  /_\  \     /  /_\  \
 *              ----)   |   |  |  |  |  /  _____  \   /  _____  \
 *             |_______/    |__|  |__| /__/     \__\ /__/     \__\
 *                               E N H A N C E D
 *       S U B P I X E L   M O R P H O L O G I C A L   A N T I A L I A S I N G

injectSMAA is a small patch for Direct3D 9, 10 and 11 based games that adds SMAA support. SMAA is the acronym of Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing and it’s a new post-processing anti-aliasing technique. SMAA is a very efficient GPU-based MLAA implementation, capable of handling subpixel features seamlessly, and featuring an advanced pattern detection and handling mechanism. More information HERE.

injectSMAA, SMAA in DX9, DX10 and DX11 games
Unigine Heaven, no SMAA

injectSMAA, SMAA in DX9, DX10 and DX11 games
Unigine Heaven, with SMAA

injectSMAA is really simple to install:

If the game uses DirectX 9, put all files from the d3d9 directory into the directory containing the game executable.
If the game uses DirectX 10/11, put all files from the d3d10 directory into the directory containing the game executable.

To uninstall it, just remove the files.

You can download injectSMAA here:
Webmasters: hotlinking is not allowed, please use the post url as download link.

For those interested in how SMAA works, injectSMAA comes with the source code of the D3D9 and D3D10/11 shaders, including detailed comments.

And for OpenGL applications? The GLSL support has been recently injected in the SMAA source code. You can download the latest version of SMAA with OpenGL and Direct3D support HERE.



  • fellix

    That’s definitely better than FXAA and MLAA. And this inject version is presenting just the simplest form of SMAA of all.

  • Zlip

    Does this work on nvidia GPU?

  • @Zlip: yes it should work.

  • Alex

    Great! and what is correct settings in nvinspector? leave to app. controled?

  • yoga


    how does this compare to 32x or 16x MSAA?

  • karambotĂłw

    It works! This is the x1 or x2 SMAA

  • The download link doesn’t work now… any mirrors?
    Please, put it on multiupload…

  • Download added!

  • To zibri

    I search google and found it here

  • Thanks 🙂

  • KarambotĂłw

    the d3d9.dll file I have banned for 3 days at alterIWnet in COD: Modern Warfare 2

  • Mark

    Don’t use this for games that use punkbuster, or maybe even VAC because the cheating system will think you “modified” a system file. I’ve used it in LoL, Mass Effect 2, Natural Selection 2…any dx9 game that doesn’t have AA. IMO soo much better than FXAA, like it smooths lines that FXAA can’t.

  • eek

    can I use it with Radeon HD4850?

  • SMIThaYe

    It did say not use for multiplayer games in the readme, stick to singleplayer use.

  • Promilus

    @eek – I think there should be no problem since it is postproc filter via pixel shader. I used it with Medal of Honor Airborne and HD4670 with slight visual improvement.

  • Neo

    It doesn’t work for optimus.. i tried it for Assassins creed 2 .. it was not switching the to nvidia … once i deleted the d3d9.dll it got switched to nvidia …

  • Hello,

    Will this work on the Intel HD Graphics?

  • Jaga Telesin

    Any chance of getting other versions (4x, etc) up for download? The tech works well, it would just be nice to have slightly more powerful versions.

  • Zorg

    Neo: This is how a muxless switchable graphics technology works. It has profiles for programs. Detect they when you execute them, but when you change something, it won’t able to load the profile, because the driver don’t detect the program correctly.

    Brainiarc7: Yes, it should work, but the effective driver support is very important.

  • Deni

    It works!!! But in some area, it is still not as good as MSAA