FluidMark 1.4.0 PhysX Benchmark Released

FluidMark 1.4.0 PhysX Benchmark, multicore CPU

For fanatics of PhysX-based fluids, FluidMark has been updated and this version brings many improvements.

FluidMark 1.4.0 DOWNLOAD

You can download PhysX FluidMark 1.4.0 here:
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Download FluidMark 1.4.0 Version 1.4.0 (2011.11.08)

FluidMark 1.4.0 release highlights

The PhysX engine is now based on the version, the latest iteration of the v2 branch of the SDK. The startup dialog box has been simplified and two benchmark presets have been added:

  • Preset:1080: with this preset, the settings are the following: 1920×1080 fullscreen, duration of 60 sec, 60000 particles, heavy additional graphics load and multithreaded PhysX synchronized on the rendering.
  • Preset:720: with this preset, the settings are the following: 1280×720 fullscreen, duration of 60 sec, 30000 particles, moderate additional graphics load and multithreaded PhysX synchronized on the rendering.

The additional 3D workload allows to smooth results and above all, makes scores more coherent especially when there is a dedicated PhysX GPU. This score is with a GTX 580 alone (actually there is a second GTX 260 but it’s not used for PhysX) and this one is with a GTX 580 (3D) + GTX 260 (PhysX). We clearly see the impact of an additional PhysX card.

Multicore CPU is better managed (with and without the multithreaded PhysX checkbox). When Multithreaded PhysX checkbox is disabled and Built-in CPU multicore is checked, FluidMark creates only one thread for rendering and PhysX and uses PhysX built-in multicore CPU support:

FluidMark 1.4.0, PhysX built-in multicore CPU support

FluidMark 1.4.0, main GUI

When Multithreaded PhysX checkbox is enabled, FluidMark creates one thread for each fluid emitter for PhysX CPU and does not use PhysX multicore support. The results are the same than with the ones with built-in multicore support.

Another new thing is the score submission procedure. Now there are three ways to submit a score:

  • 1/ just click on the Submit button: an anonymous score is send to oZone3D.Net server.
  • 2/ Fill up the nickname field and click on the Submit button: the score is send to oZone3D.Net server along with the nickname, in pseudo-anonymous mode.
  • 3/ Create an account on oZone3D.Net and use this account to submit the score: the score is send to oZone3D.Net server and at the same time is linked to your account. Rank tables will only display non-anonymous scores.

FluidMark 1.4.0 PhysX Benchmark, score box

FluidMark 1.4.0 main scores page is available HERE.

And for Radeon users? If you have a second GeForce card for PhysX, just install the PhysX Hybrid Mod 1.05ff. It works very fine (I used it during the dev of FluidMark 1.4.0: I have a Radeon HD 6870 as main renderer and a GeForce GT 240 for PhysX). Now if you have only one Radeon card in your PC, don’t panic, PhysX can also run in software mode and can exploit all CPU cores.

What is FluidMark?

FluidMark is a fluid simulation benchmark based on NVIDIA PhysX engine. The fluid simulation uses the SPH or Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method where interparticle forces are considered (SPH requires more CPU or GPU horsepower!). FluidMark support both CPU and GPU PhysX and in CPU mode, multi-core CPUs are supported (see HERE). FluidMark uses an OpenGL 2 renderer for drawing the 3D scene.


FluidMark 1.4.0 changelog

  • New: added two benchmark presets (1080 and 720).
  • New: PhysX built-in CPU multicore option added.
  • New: score submission with oZone3D.Net account.
  • Update: the additional graphics load option covers now the whole screen and not only the upper-right corner.
  • Update: revamp of the main startup dialog box (now a bit simpler to use).
  • Update: compiled with PhysX SDK
  • Bugfix: fixed a nasty deadlock that hung FluidMark sometimes at the end the tests.

The pixel shader used for the additional graphics load (More graphics load checkbox) is based on the Nautilus demo (ShaderToy).

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