If Quake Was Done Today


  • karambotow

    what a shit 😀

  • Promilus

    The vid lacks something … ahh, yes, QTE … plz press Q, E, Q, Q, E, LMB, E, RMB … now, that boss wasn’t so hard, wasn’t he??

  • julio

    quake is damn dark… doom 3 is the shit, but wow, dark.

  • Tachikoma

    yep. that vid is spot on, sadly

  • DrBalthar

    If Quake was done today no one would play it not even hardcore Quake fans. The saddest thing is that Quake is basically Doom done again with a new engine. Heck if the weapons are the same.

  • So true.

    Btw DrBalthar… i’d play it. Anytime. Rather an oldschool FPS than those unbalanced class-based crappy shooters that are made nowadays one after another, based on the same cliches.

  • Haha, i meant: the meaning of the video is so true 🙂

  • Athlonite

    yuk thank god I have about 50 maps and 40+ bot models to choose from in Quake 3