Batman: Arkham City PhysX PC Trailer

NVIDIA has released the first footage from the PC version of Batman: Arkham City, a game based on the PhysX engine and that will be launched on November 15th 2011. The comparison is made between a GeForce 8800 GT, which is still the most popular graphics card (according to Steam survey), and a GeForce GTX 560.

All details about this trailer can be found in this article: Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City – A First Look.

Here is the official launch trailer:


  • DrBalthar

    Not impressed. And even less impressed by the bolted on PhysX usages does not look good, just a simple gimmick does not seem to add anything to the game.

  • fellix

    Not much different than the previous title from the series. Just more of the same and still only a visual effect.

  • Anon

    I can see AMD fanboys’ tears on my screen. 😀

  • jcgeny

    the new engine looks very closed to first game .
    that could be goooooood if the latest one can play the first game out of the boxes ;’]


    Another fail for PhysX-CUDA. For real gaming : Havok or Bullet FTW!

  • Tbh, i’m quite impressed! Why ppl keep telling that it’s not a big deal? For the fun of trolling or what? By looking at the comparison, turning on physx seems quite a noticable visual upgrade to me.