(Updated) GLview 4.02 Released with OpenGL 4.2 Support

GLView 4.02 with OpenGL 4.2 support

The guys behind realtech have updated GLview, their OpenGL extensions viewer (Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS) with the support of OpenGL 4.2. You can download GLview 4.02 HERE.

There is something I don’t understand. My current system has a GTX 590 + R280.28 which is supposed to be an OpenGL 4.2 driver. And according to the upcoming GPU Caps Viewer, R280.28 is an OpenGL 4.2 driver:

GPU Caps Viewer, OpenGL 4.2 support

But GLview reports that R280.28 is an OpenGL 4.1 driver (see the header screenshot).

UPDATE: you have to select a non-GL4 or GL3 context in the drop down list and GLview creates an OpenGL 4.2 context:

GLview + GTX 590 + OpenGL 4.2 support

Thanks to Leith Bade for the tip ;)

Now another question: why GLview tells me that GL_ATIX_point_sprites or GL_ATI_envmap_bumpmap are supported by the GeForce GTX 590?

GLview + GTX 590 + GL_ATIX_point_sprites / GL_ATI_envmap_bumpmap

There is another detection problem, this time with Radeon boards but I don’t know if it’s a GLview issue or a mess with AMD drivers: a Mobility Radeon HD 5000 has a better OpenGL 4.2 support than a desktop HD 5000 (see the forum thread). Did AMD publish a laptop driver with all OpenGL 4.2 extensions?

GLview, Mobility Radeon HD 5000, OpenGL 4.2


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