Project Photofly 2.0: Create 3D Models from Photographs using the Web

Project Photofly is a cloud-based service that converts 2D photographs to 3D computer models. It is available as a free technology preview on Autodesk Labs.

Project Photofly 2.0


  • Leith Bade

    Doesn’t Microsoft research labs already have this technology?

    Though is cool for a CAD/3D program. Useful too – who needs to be a 3D modeler when I can just snap a few pics of something from reality.

  • fellix

    Leith Bade says: “Doesn’t Microsoft research labs already have this technology?”

    Yes, they did such thing several years ago, but their method gathered only a rough point cloud data set. No mesh and surface texturing in there. The main point of the project was to provide smooth transition between photos in a stack during motion navigation.

  • DrBalthar

    Has anyone tried it with some really nasty examples like a forest or lots of trees or other kind of foliage pictures I’ll bet it will fail spectacular.