Awesome: Storms of Volcanic Lightning

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Just stunning… Big picture with more details available HERE. Your next wallpaper….

The skies above southern Chile the day after an eruption in the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic chain. An average of 230 earthquakes an hour were recorded in the region before the eruption, which blew an ash cloud six miles high and produced storms of volcanic lightning


4 thoughts on “Awesome: Storms of Volcanic Lightning”

  1. Cuong

    WOW!! The power of nature!!!
    Very beautiful!!

    UNIQUE!!! O_O

    Thank you very much for sharing the picture.

    Also thank to the photographer who took that photo!

  2. Arun

    Wooow … Awesome pic .. First i thought it was some CGI Stuff … Cool

  3. DrBalthar

    The 3D engine is called Nature :). If anyone can remember the RTRT demo NatureSUX 🙂

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