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7 – ASUS Radeon HD 6670: Conclusion

The Radeon HD 6670 is the refresh of previous Radeon HD 5670. The HD 6670 is small card that does not require high end PSU (no power connector) and then can find its place in entry level systems. The card can run latest 3D applications (OpenGL 4 or Direct3D 11). Of course you won’t get a smooth frame rate in latest games (expecially those including tessellation) but with more than 40FPS in DiRT 2 or Crysis, you can play with many games published these last years in full HD resolution. Cool for a $100 graphics card.

This card is also a good candidate for a HTPC usage even if I found the VGA cooler a bit noisy at default fan speed (39%). A simple solution is to reduce a bit the fan speed. I tested the HD 6670 under FurMark with a fan speed set to 30%. I ran a stress test during 20 min. At 30%, the noise level is very low, imperceptible, and the max GPU temperature doesn’t exceed 72°C (great especially if you consider the factory-overclocked GPU: +80MHz). Under normal situations, a fan speed of 30% is enough to properly cool the card. But I recommend you to let the default value (39%) if you have some doubts about the ambient temperature in the case or the usage of the card. At idle and with a fan speed of 30%, the GPU temperature is around 31°C which is nice!

Geeks3D recommended product

I’d like to thank Roland from ASUS for the HD 6670 sample ;)

ASUS Radeon HD 6670 review index

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