AMD GPUPerfAPI 2.8: GPU Performance API for OpenGL, OpenCL and Direct3D


AMD has released the version 2.8 of GPUPerfAPI. AMD GPU Performance API (or GPUPerfAPI or GPA) is a librairy to analyze the performance and execution characteristics of applications using the GPU. GPU supports OpenGL, OpenCL and Direct3D 10/11 and is available for Windows and Linux. GPUPerfAPI allows to access the hardware performance counters of Radeon GPUs from Radeon HD 2000 to latest HD 6000 series. GPUPerfAPI requires Catalyst 10.1 or later.

You can download AMD GPUPerfAPI HERE.

GPUPerfAPI is used by GPUPerfStudio (v2.51 available here) and by AMD APP profiler (OpenCL).

Here is a code snippet for OpenGL that shows how to initialize and terminate a session with GPA :

// glrc is the OpenGL rendering context.

gpa_uint32 count = 0;

gpa_uint32 index = 0;
char name[128] = {0};
GPA_GetCounterName(0, name);

//... Read counters


I’ll try to test this lib asap!

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