(Download) GPU Toolkit 0.2.0

GPU Toolkit 0.2.0

A new update of GPU Toolkit is available. GPU Toolkit is small toolkit that gathers several popular GPU tools (as well as CPU tools) in a single executable.

GPU Toolkit 0.2.0 adds TessMark 0.3.0, updates GPU Caps Viewer Lite and GPU Shark to their latest versions and fixes a small bug.

You can download GPU Toolkit 0.2.0 here:
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GPU-Toolkit 0.2.0 includes the following tools:

GPU Toolkit 0.2.0 changelog

  • New: added TessMark 0.3.0
  • Update: GPU Caps Caps Lite 1.11.1 and GPU Shark 0.4.4
  • Bugfix: some tools could be launched only one time.

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  1. Larry

    Pretty Good tools for the tester~

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