NVIDIA Quadro 400 Launched, 5X faster than GTX 580 in CAD apps

NVIDIA Quadro 400

NVIDIA has launched a new workstation graphics card: the Quadro 400. The Quadro 400 can be seen as the pro version of the GeForce GT 420. Like the GT 420, the Quadro 400 packs 48-CUDA-core Fermi GPU (a GTX 580 has 512 CUDA cores…), embarks 512MB of DDR3 64-bit memory and has a TDP of 32W.

NVIDIA, on the Quadro 400 page, claims that:

Quadro 400 provides up to 5x performance gains over high-end consumer gaming cards and up to 10x improvement over integrated graphics processors in industry leading CAD/CAM applications*.

*5x performance gain based on Pro/Engineer score in the SPEC Viewperf 11 compared to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 on a standard industry workstation (Core i7 965 3.2GHz, X58 motherboard, 6GB RAM, Win7-64, 265.81 drivers).

Okay, I know that Quadro drivers are optimized for some CAD applications but I was far from thinking that a 48-core PRO GPU can beat a 512-core gaming GPU like that…

The Quadro 400 is priced at US $169.



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