(Tested) Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) Demo (GLSL)

FXAA demo - OpenGL / GLSL, GeeXLab

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1 – FXAA overview

FXAA is a new anti-aliasing technique, developed by Timothy Lottes at NVIDIA, and based on several existing anti-aliasing techniques, including MLAA. FXAA is used in the game Battlefield 3 (see references at the end of the post):

FXAA demo - OpenGL / GLSL, GeeXLab

Few days, ago, Timothy published on his blog the source code of FXAA II, an evolution of the first FXAA algorithm. Here are the goals of FXAA:

Wanted something which handles sub-pixel aliasing better than MLAA, something which didn’t require compute, something which runs on DX9 level hardware, and something which runs in a single full-screen pixel shader pass. Basically the simplest and easiest thing to integrate and use.

FXAA is cool because it’s a post processing technique that only requires the scene buffer as input texture. Then it’s really easy to implement in your game engine. I think I will certainly add it in some my tools ;)

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