The truth about the GTX 590?

“AMD makes a 450W capable card that can be overclocked without worries…”
“… while nVidia is not only late, but can’t make a decent enthusiast card!”

“My Führer, the GTX 590 isn’t all bad, the cooler is quieter!”
“Enthusiasts don’t give two shits about a quiet cooler!”

“nVidia ALWAYS lies about the power draw!”
“Load up furmark and I’m sure it will burn up!”

“When will Fermi ever work?”

:D :D

More seriously, KitGuru has posted some details about GTX 590 weak VRM: Nvidia continue to come under fire for poor GTX590 design.

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo
GTX 590 under heavy load – source

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