AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

AMD has published an updated of its Direct3D 11 tech-demo for Radeon HD 6900 series. The first version was a little deception for a DX11 tech-demo intended to show what a modern graphics card like the HD 6970 can do with Direct3D 11…

The HK2207 real-time demo features a number of post processing effects (depth-of-field, lens flare, ghosting, aerial perspective/atmospheric, LUT, emissive and reflection) provided as an easy approach for developers and artists to adopt Microsoft® DirectX® 11 programming. This demo also uses a current trend in game engines utilizing deferred lighting and deferred shading allowing many more lights and rapid prototyping. A newly developed GPU accelerated physics particle system is introduced utilizing DX11 DirectCompute. Bullet Physics is used with a new fracture/destruction approach that also features procedurally generated unique debris leveraging DX11 tessellation.

The download link: HK2207 Demo @ AMD.

First thing, the size of the installer: 303MB. The size of the first version was around 600MB…

The changelog:

March 18, 2011  v1.2

- New and improved visuals
- Performance improvements
- Support for AMD Eyefinity technology.  
  For older cards, AMD Eyefinity resolutions may have to be 
  explicitly set due to performance limits in the automatic 
  resolution handling code.

Let’s see the visual improvements. I tested with Catalyst 11.3 + SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970:

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo

The demo ran at around 45FPS on a single HD 6970. Still old fixed pipeline style, no shadow under debris (tessellated debris?), not convincing depth of field (just look at the LadyBug tech-demo (by AMD) that features a nice DoF effect)… Visual improvements in the version 1.2? Where are they?

9 thoughts on “AMD HK-2207 v1.2 DX11 Tech-Demo”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    gotta love how they photoshop the loadscreen to suck ya in! Ruby: Whiteout was better..and that was for the HD2000 series!

    speaking of Ruby…whatever happened to that realtime ruby scene they where hyping a while back?

  2. Squall Leonhart

    Graphics like that would’ve been impressive back in the days of Carmageddon TDR….. not these days.

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