NVIDIA GeForce Drivers: R267.91 and R267.60

NVIDIA R267.60
R267.60 and GTX 470 – GPU Caps Viewer Lite 1.11.0 available in GPU-Toolkit

NVIDIA has released two new sets of graphics drivers: R267.91 for GeForce GTX 590 only and R267.60 for all other GeForce cards. According to GPU Caps Viewer Lite, R267.60 is based on a new R267_11 branch. R267.91 and R267.60 are both WHQL-certified.

R267.91 downloads

R267.60 downloads



  • zqueezy

    damn, somehow they don’t work with my GeForce 8800 GTS

  • Squall Leonhart

    could you possibly add the -## value to gpu caps viewer? the branch is ###_##-## major_minor-bugfix/build

    267.91 is r267_11-25

  • Arun

    Hey all sorry off topic .. i need help in deciding which graphics card to take . Please can someone tell me if nvidia 540M is a better than nvidia 525m i mean can i see a big performance improvement. Please let me know soon. I am not able to see any benchmarks for 525m and also there is a difference of 43 $ between . this is for laptop

  • @Arun: both cards have the same specs, the only difference is that the GT540M has a higher core clock than the GT 525M. But this difference of around 70MHz (672MHz vs 600MHz ) won’t bring big performance improvement. And maybe the GT 525M power consumption will be smaller than GT 540M one. Then the GT 525M seems a good choice.

  • Arun

    @JeGX .. Thanks a lot and can you suggest any site or books for CUDA programming or openCL/OpenGL programming for noobs like me

  • Dou

    There is a new driver, with a lots of improvements and CUDA 4 support: 270.51


  • @Squall Leonhart: yep I will add the complete branch version in the next GPU Caps Viewer / GPU Shark.