GeForce GTX 590 Burns (no need FurMark!)

LOL, looks like NVIDIA should correctly design the OCP and VRMs instead of wasting the time with anti-FurMark tweaks in their drivers (R267.52) 😉


  • WacKEDmaN

    WOW!! i havent seen anything like that since last time i hooked up 13.7v/@7amp directly to a old CPU!..

    it looks like it got that hot that it melted a component, or the solder, off the backside of the pcb..the damage looks almost as if it was the pins for the power..

  • WacKEDmaN

    also..did you notice that the fans started to slow before the molten bit fell off? was almost like it happened while the pc was being rebooted

  • fernando

    i see the point of the joke, but theres no need to post fake videos, thats odd and very ugly coming from geeks3d, what a shame…

  • fernando

    alright its not fake.. its trueee


  • djd

    Nice defective card… RMA it !

  • 590burns

    i would never leave a nvidiot system on in the house while I am away…..not a chance