March 22 2011: GTX 590 and Crysis 2

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March 22 2011 will be an important day for gamers: NVIDIA will launch AMD HD 6990 killer, the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590 (two GF110, 1024 shader processors, two 8-pin power connectors and a TDP of 375W) and Crytek will release Crysis 2 (powered by CryEngine 3).


6 thoughts on “March 22 2011: GTX 590 and Crysis 2”

  1. Leith

    Crysis 2 will be a walk in the park for any card released in the last 3 years.

  2. komar

    1st of all they have to fix CF/SLI issues
    with my 5970 got artefacts / dark lines / vsynch refresh buged in 1080p

    all i have to do … is disabled CF and with a lonely 5870 … game / demo runs fine but not “crossfired” so they got to fix this issue

    obviously 6990 and 590 will be amazing GFX’s but with some drawbacks because these babies need more attention , more driver feedback to maximise performance in game without graphical issues.

    I mean crysis and warehead were both cf / sli friendly at time of the release on the market.

    for crytek iT’s like a U-turn , hardware issue and ok now the cryengine runs even better on hardware nowadays … but you have also to look of the visual quality .. and maybe explain with the 3rd version of the engine is not complient with dx11 API.

    crytek want to hit the mainstream market .. aka PS3 & Box 360…So all you have to do is…
    a Cross platform game .

    Indeed , but poor quality of the visuals ….on pc with a good rig…it’s stiil looks good … but really i thought that crytek will push their custom 3d engine to the top like always…

    like farcry long time ago … like crysis in 2007… they could tune and max out level of graphics to fit with GFX of 2011 : 6 terraflops of horsepower …..

  3. wteSmithy

    I’m not at all impressed with Crysis 2 and the hit it gives my 5970 oc’d by a modest 10% on a 2600K @4.7GHz.

    Hardcore averages 40fps (1920×1200) is still choppy and not playable for multiplayer which is crucial. On the next settings down I’m getting 75fps average and that will suit the 5870 or 480GTX. The 6990/590GTX will no doubt manage really well on Hardcore setting but the performance with scaling needs addressing.

    If I were to choose a new GPU again, I would look at the 590GTX and how that compares firstly with cooling and noise. The 6990 is a reference cooler that gets too hot and draws 450W set to overclocked under full load. If only the 590GTX can reduce the noise levels and enhance cooling it will be a great GPU. No good having a beast of a GPU (both 590/6990) if you can’t fully utilise it to get your monies worth.

  4. Komar

    In crossfire 5970 is fine …but not functional

    With 950/1250 with one card (aicatalyst off=5870 1gb oc 950/1250)

    I got 35 min 60 fps avg and 100 max with fraps…
    1080p hardcore mlaa on…. very playable in SP on leaked version

  5. Komar

    5970 can roughly reach 950 / 1259 with vdimm to 1.15 and vcore 1.25v… Try if u have custom cooling!

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