AMD Radeon HD 6990 Launch Day: a 500W and $700 Dual-GPU Graphics Card for The Fanatic!

AMD Radeon HD 6990

Radeon HD 6990 Overview

Ecco fatto, AMD has launched the fastest graphics card on the market: the Radeon HD 6990. This power (processing power and above all power consumption) monster is made up of two Cayman GPUs (the GPU of the HD 6970) on a single PCB. AMD’s Radeon HD 6990 features dual-BIOS capabilities. This feature is controlled by the Unlocking Switch, which toggles between the factory-supported Performance BIOS of 375W (BIOS1), and an Extreme Performance BIOS (BIOS2) that can potentially unlock higher clock speeds and up to 450W of mind-blowing performance.

Radeon HD 6990 features: