Crysis 2: Prophets Journey Trailer

Delve into the shadowy world of Jacob Hargreave — a man who’s harboured an obsession with the Nanosuit for most of a century — in this latest trailer “Prophet’s Journey”.


  • zqueezy

    not bad, but I’m wondering why the faces still seem to be such a big problem with all this fancy face tracking stuff around like face robot and such

  • Leith Bade

    I was wondering how they would manage to join what are otherwise completely unrelated storylines…

    I still think Crysis 1 will be better… I enjoyed the outdoor environment as I gave the player lots of freedom.

    Crysis 2 will be rather linear considering its just a shiny indoor FPS…

    I don’t think the graphics are as cutting edge as Crysis since it doesn’t even have tessellation!

    Stupid consoles screw up every good PC game series…

  • DrBalthar

    Naaah that story sounds like a really really bad MGS ripoff.

  • WacKEDmaN

    most of this footage is just from cut scenes, and alot of it is from crysis1

  • Arun

    Hmmm well … I think Battlefield 3 will be first game to fully utilize the power of DirectX 11 as the lead platform for BF3 is PC … And i read that the graphics is of Next Gen for the consoles..

  • @zqueezy: in one word Muscles. you definitely need them to have realistic face animation. by realistic I mean when a virtual character can really “output” feelings using only their body language.
    fyi there’s good enough real-time solution available.