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7 – ASUS GT 440 Conclusion

Let’s say it first, this card is not designed for modern big games. For around the same price you have a HD 5670 which is a little bit faster (only with high levels of tessellation, the GT 440 can dominate high end Radeon HD 6900…). And with a price a little bit more expensive, you can have a DX11 card like the Radeon HD 5770 which is twice faster. The GT 440 card is certainly okay for watching movies or play with some 2D applications that support the GPU but forget it serious video games.

This card has some nice overclocking caps but in practice it’s no really useful. A overclocked slow card will remain a slow card…

Maybe some graphics developers might be interested to code with such a card. It supports all latest APIs (OpenGL 4.1, Direct3D 11, OpenCL 1.1, CUDA, PhysX) and, since it’s a slow card, the developer will be forced to optimize a bit his routines, because ultra high end cards, developers become lazy ;)

In short if you need CUDA or PhysX, if you have a sub-$100 budget and a weak PSU (the GT 440 does not require additional power connector), this is your card.

ASUS GeForce GT 440 review index

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