Hammerhead HMR989: Ultra Customized Gaming PC

Hammerhead HMR989
Hammerhead HMR989 comes with a GeForce GTX 460

More information here: DARWIN Machine.

Each PC is manually assembled (around two weeks) and each PC is unique! So if you want a desktop machine that is out of the box, think to DARWIN Machine!

I hope the GTX 460 will be replaced by the GTX 560 Ti…

Hammerhead HMR989

Hammerhead HMR989


  • WacKEDmaN

    all i can say is wtf!!..

    2 weeks to build?..how long does it take to change a component on the mobo!

  • Korvin77

    LOL but how about a dust?

  • Me

    It looks sick, but yes: dust will gather in that thing like crazy (dust gathers in properly closed cases as well)

  • Christ… somebody just lost his mind. It’s not even good-looking, not even stylish. It’s just a bunch of metal glued together with some PC parts…

    Ugly as hell.

  • jarik

    What a nice dust collector :), it should be purchased with small handy vacum-cleaner.