[GPU Tool] GPU-Z 0.5.1 Adds a New Way to Bypass GTX 500 OCP

ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti Direct Cu II TOP, GPU-Z

The new version of GPU-Z is available with the support of the new GeForce GTX 560 Ti. What’s more, GPU-Z 0.5.1 adds a new way to disable the power draw limiter available on GeForce GTX 500 Series. In the previous versions of GPU-Z, the command line option to disable GTX 500 OC was called /gtx580ocp. But now to uniformize a bit, this option is now called /gtx500ocp. Of course we have no information or details about this new way to disable NVIDIA’s power limiter. Anyway it’s there and that’s the most important.

You can grab this new update of GPU-Z HERE.

I quickly tested the /gtx500ocp with ASUS’s GTX 560 Ti DCII TOP but I did not notice difference between OCP enabled and OCP disabled. As I said in the review, I think the NVIDIA power monitoring hardware has not been implemented on ASUS’s GTX 560 Ti because in both cases, the GTX 560 Ti runs FurMark at full speed (see the review for more details).

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