AMD OpenCL University Kit

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AMD has published an OpenCL University Kit, a set of materials for teaching a full semester course in OpenCL programming. The set includes PowerPoint presentations (*.pptx) as well as code sources.

The kit cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Parallel Computing
  • Introduction to OpenCL
  • Introduction to OpenCL, continued
  • GPU Architecture
  • OpenCL Buffers and Complete Examples
  • Understanding GPU Memory
  • GPU Threads and Scheduling
  • Optimizing Performance
  • OpenCL Programming and Optimization Case Study
  • OpenCL Extensions
  • Events Timing and Profiling
  • Debugging
  • Programming Multiple Devices

AMD OpenCL University Kit

PDF files would have been cooler in place of these not very convenient pptx files (my version of OpenOffice does not handle them properly I had to download a powerpoint viewwer…).


To make your geeky life easier, I uploaded the kit on Geeks3D server:

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4 thoughts on “AMD OpenCL University Kit”

  1. gogo

    Why they insist in releaseing data in PPTX format? Only the f%&&&@# MS Office can read that!
    They should use the OpenOffice ODF standard omg!

  2. JEskandari

    dear gogo instead of openoffice you just need to use libreoffice
    its based on openoffice and like it its free but it can open pptx and docx files

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