Catalyst 11.1a Hotfix Updated: OpenGL Tessellation Bug Fixed and Gains in TessMark

AMD HD 6970

The folks at [H]ard|OCP have received a news from AMD saying the driver development team has found (after a quick reading of this news perhaps :D) and fixed an OpenGL tessellation bug that invalidates the Heaven scores posted in the earlier update.

What’s more the bugfix brings some significant performance gains in TessMark. If it’s true, AMD is totally forgiven for this leaked hotfix. I can’ wait to test the new Catalyst 11.1!

I would like to inform you that there’s an update to the new catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix that I sent out on Monday evening. This update fixes an OGL Tessellation bug that our Driver team had discovered. The Heaven scores reported in my earlier email are no longer accurate due to this fix. However, in TessMark there has been some significant gains in performance.

Thanks Leith for the tip 😉