Intel Cloth Tech-Demo Recompiled with SSE for AVX Emulation

Intel AVX Cloth demo with SSE support

If you don’t have a AVX-capable CPU but want to see Intel’s AVX cloth demo, here is a recompilation (done by Erwin Coumans, Bullet Physics main author) using AVX emulation with SSE instructions: Intel Cloth demo SSE version. No source code available, only the binary.

And now some numbers to see if the SSE recompilation is worth it. I tested both AVX and SSE versions on an Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2400:

AVX demo 1920×1080
– Serial: 10FPS
– 128bit: 82FPS
– 256bit: 85FPS

SSE demo 1920×1080
– Serial: 20FPS
– 128bit: 73FPS
– 256bit: 35FPS

The 128bit version works pretty well (and the serial version works faster than the original demo). SSE is a good alternative to AVX 128bit. But the 256bit emulation is another story…