Intel Ivy Bridge: A Tick with DX11 Support

Intel Roadmap 2010-2011

Ivy Bridge is the upcoming Intel’s processor. Ivy Bridge is a tick, a variant of an existing architecture, here Sandy Bridge. But this new processor won’t be a simple variation, because Ivy Bridge GPU will be Direct3D 11 compliant!

Ivy Bridge will use a 22nm process allowing Intel to pack more execution units (or EUs which are the GPU cores) on the die. The rumors say that Ivy Bridge will feature 24 EUs while current Sandy Bridge packs a max of 12 EUs (in HD Graphics 3000).

I hope Intel will also update Ivy Bridge software side (read the drivers) to provide an OpenGL 4 capable GPU…

5 thoughts on “Intel Ivy Bridge: A Tick with DX11 Support”

  1. Leith Bade

    I wonder how the tessellation performance will stack up… or will they only focus on DirectCompute and not the graphics side…

  2. Psolord

    Considering that Sandy bridge is just out, I take it that these babies will take some time to get released, right?

    I may skip Sandy. Dunno yet.

  3. fool_gamer

    new toys come,,
    now i will save my money to buy and play with that thing,,,
    i wonder how intel can make quick progress,,,
    china rumor say intel come up with new LGA 2011

  4. DrBalthar

    Dream on! OpenGL never was a high priority for Intel’s graphics dev team in the past.

  5. Rares

    DX11 performance my a*s. It’ll never compete with AMD or NVidia in 3D graphics space. Move alone.

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