(UPDATED) Intel Tech-Demos Part 2: AVX Cloth and Onloaded Shadows

Intel Onloaded Shadows DX11 demo
Intel Onloaded shadows demo

AVX Cloth

AVX Cloth is a tech sample that demonstrates use of 8 wide floating point SIMD processing with 256 bit AVX. The sample has many active cloth pieces simulating as it showcases a SOA implementation of an iterative position projection (distance constraint based) solver.

Download binaries and source code: AVX Cloth DX11 tech-demo

Keep in mind that this demo requires a Sandy Bridge processor (AVX support, AVX= Advanced Vector Extension) and the SP1 of Windows 7 otherwise you’ll see:

Intel AVX demo error

UPDATE: AVX is actually available on Seven with SP1.
I will install SP1 asap!

I currently have a test machine with a Sandy Bridge i5-2400 that should support AVX. But I don’t know why I didn’t manage to run the demo: AVX is not supported on my system…

UPDATE 2: I just finished to intall the SP1 of Windows Seven and now Intel’s AVX demo works fine. Here are the FPS for the three options of the demo:
– Use Serial: 10FPS
– Use 128bit: 83FPS
– Use 256bit: 130PS

Intel AVX Cloth demo

Intel AVX Cloth demo

Intel AVX details

Intel AVX details

Here is a screeny of the demo from Intel website.

Intel AVX demo

The demo requires the latest DX11 runtimes:

Intel AVX demo, DX11 error

Onloaded Shadows

Onloaded Shadows is a technique by which shadow maps can be calculated asynchronously on the CPU. By using cascades, the shadow map for objects near the camera are calculated every frame on the GPU, but the shadow maps for objects in the second cascade and beyond are calculated less often on the CPU. This allows for better work balancing across the CPU and GPU.

Download binaries and source code: Onloaded Shadows DX11 tech-demo.

Intel Onloaded Shadows DX11 demo



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