EVGA Power Boost Officially Launched

I talked about this gadget few days ago in this news and now EVGA Power Boost has been officially launched. EVGA Power Boost is a small adapter you plug into an empty X1 or X16 PCI-Express slot to bring additional power and stability to your greedy graphics cards. The price? USD $20.00

More information here:

EVGA Power Boost

EVGA Power Boost

EVGA Power Boost


  • WacKEDmaN

    hmm.. how can this work without crossing two power rails?.. the pci-e slots already have 12v power ..adding this adds 12v power directly from the same PSU but a different rail..wouldnt that take it up to 24v?

    does this only work on certain evga mobos?

    if not..id like to see the pinout so i can hack up a dead card and make my own! (im guessing pins 1-4 are the only used as they are the +12v and ground pins)

  • Mister electrik

    oh my god wackedman better you don´t make your own.

    Why 24v ??????

  • WacKEDmaN

    why 24v?

    well the pcie slots provides 12v already, as seen here..
    …add another 12v from this and you have 24v

    like putting two batteries together.. 1.5v+1.5v=3v

  • jK

    That’s only when you connect them in series. If you connect them in parallel the current will be summed.

  • Squall Leonhart

    it is as jK says.