GLBenchmark 2.0 Tested on Modern OpenGL ES Devices

GLBenchmark is an OpenGL ES 2.0 performance test for mobile devices. It supports iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Maemo.

According to AnandTech, a new version of GLBenchmark 2.0 has been released (but I didn’t manage to find any official news). Anyway, here is the comparative table for the egyptian scene:

GLBenchmark - Egypt scene - comparative table

GLBenchmark 2.0 has been designed from the ground up to demonstrate and measure the true potential of OpenGL ES 2.0 Hardware. The built-in shader code (GLSL) generator enables real-time performance tuning and de-compositing. This is an in-valuable feature for OpenGL ES 2.0 Hardware vendors and Handset manufacturers.


  • Korvin77

    nice. now I need something like this on PC

  • Psolord

    The hummingbird rules. I absolutely love my Galaxy S!

    Now where can I get that bench? The market does not have it! :S

  • Psolord

    Nuh forget I asked. Didn’t see the link! 😛

  • fellix

    The render quality of the graphincs is mostly at the level of GeForce 256.

  • I should admit that I am a bit surprised by the iPhone4 score, especially compared to the 3GS !!

    I guess this is due to the fact that the screen resolution on the iPhone 4 is much higher than on its predecessor…

    Thus, it seems this benchmark doesn’t take the output resolution into account !!

  • The score of Iphone 4 and Ipad are not coherent. With GPU Bench, you can compare shaders with Android Phones and iPhone/Ipod/Ipad…

  • JEskandari

    Can’t you get the benchmark from here ?

    sadly my Omnia I8910 HD was not supported.