[3D Programming] gDEBugger Advanced OpenGL Debugger Now FREE!

gDEBugger - OpenGL Debugger

Great news for the OpenGL community (maybe not for those who have paid for): gDEBugger, a popular OpenGL debugger is now available for FREE.

gDEBugger is not available for purchasing for the time being.

We plan to release a new and **FREE** gDEBugger version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This version will be available for download by the end of 2010.
Please make sure to check our website for this version in the near future.

Until the free version will be released, please find below a temporary license file that will enable you to use the current gDEBugger version for free immediately.

Free gDEBugger license file

You can download the current version of gDEBugger here: Download gDEBugger version 5.7.

What is exactly gDEBugger?

gDEBugger GL is an advanced OpenGL Debugger, Profiler and Graphic Memory Analyzer, which traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the information you need to find bugs and to optimize OpenGL applications performance.