EVGA GTX 580 Tested with FurMark and TessMark

Newegg has tested EVGA’s GTX 580 with four benchmarks: 3DMark Vantage, Crysis, FurMark 1.8.2 and TessMark 0.2.2.

EVGA GTX 580 - FurMark score
EVGA GTX 580 2-way SLI + FurMark 1.8.2 score

EVGA GTX 580 - TessMark score
EVGA GTX 580 2-way SLI + TessMark 0.2.2 score

But I think there’s a problem in the FurMark score. I just tested FurMark 1.8.2 on a single ASUS ENGTX580 (the review is coming but the card is leaving Geeks3D labs…)
and here are the scores:
– 1920×1080 fullscreen, 8X MSAA, 60 sec: 4619 points (avg FPS: 77)
– 1920×1080 fullscreen, 0X MSAA, 60 sec: 7621 points (avg FPS: 127)

I see two reasons for the wrong FurMark score:

  • 1 – Newegg’s tester has forgotten to use the etqw.exe version of FurMark with the 2-way SLI of GTX 580
  • 2 – Newegg’s tester has tested the 2-way SLI of GTX 580 with etqw.exe BUT with the current limiter system (GTX 580 OCP or Over Current Protection) enabled. When OCP is enabled (see here: GeForce GTX 580 Power Monitoring Details), the GPU is throttled back and the framerate is divided by 2! See here for more information about disabling GTX 580 OCP: GeForce GTX 580 Unlocked: 350W Under FurMark Thanks To GPU-Z)

For TessMark, a score of 19070 points for a 2-way SLI of GTX 580 seems ok. With a single ENGTX580, I get around 10517 points (avg FPS: 176) with similar settings (1920×1080 fullscreen, MSAA 8X, tessellation: extreme).


  • TessMark is a no-crossfire/Radeon utility.. Bad tool for to use…

  • What do you mean by no-crossfire? TessMark, like FurMark, supports CrossFire. Just rename the binary in etqw.exe to use the OpenGL XFire profile.

  • IMHO furmark SUCKS for benchmarking it can be good for stability tests but not even that.

    Use UNIGINE Tropics and Heaven demos… they scale pretty good and I find them useful for benchmarking.

  • mind the name

    haters will always hate…