GeForce GTX 580 Unlocked: 350W Under FurMark Thanks To GPU-Z

GeForce GTX 580 unlocked: 350 watts under FurMark
GeForce GTX 580 unlocked: 350 watts under FurMark

As you may know, NVIDIA has introduced with the new GeForce GTX 580 a new power draw limitation / protection based on dedicated hardware as well as on graphics drivers. More details are available here: GeForce GTX 580 Power Monitoring Details.

Now, a new update of GPU-Z makes it possible to disable the speed throttling mechanism when an extremely demanding 3D app like FurMark is running.

This update of GPU-Z 0.4.8 (we can call it GPU-Z 0.4.8b) comes with a new command line parameter: /GTX580OCP that disables the power draw protection until the next reboot.

As you can see, the unlocked GTX 580 has a very high power draw: around 350 watts. More than GTX 480 power draw…

Nice news, thank you W1zzard! I guess the new FurMark will include this version of GPU-Z…

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  • Nandiman

    Burned! literally burned! I’ve had complete PC’s using less power than that in full load. And what about the temps? Tripple digits?

  • Michael

    Cool, what’s the FPS difference?

  • RSR

    Burned? More like WHO CARES!!!

    The card uses as little as 10W when idling and my computer uses as little as 80W idle. Its amazing!

    I couldnt care less if it uses 280 or 350 when working…