NVIDIA GTX 580 Alien vs Triangles Tessellation and PhysX Demo Available

NVIDIA GTX 580 Alien vs Triangles Tessellation

Alien vs Triangles (AvT) is out now! AvT is a Direct3D 11 tessellation demo with a touch of PhysX that shows off the power of GeForce GTX 580 tessellation engine.

This GTX 580 demo worked flawlessly and smoothly (around 70FPS) on my GTX 480. It’s a very cool tech-demo, nice work NV demoteam!

I posted a ton of big pictures so don’t miss a second and check them out:
NVIDIA GTX 580 Alien vs Triangles Tech-Demo (30 pictures total)

NVIDIA “Alien vs. Triangles” Demo

You can turn a smooth, workaday alien into something fun and memorable . . .
possible through the miracle of triangles using a technique we call
multi-dimensional tessellation. You can inject the alien with either a
spikey infection or a fungal infection and watch him deform, as if by magic,
into something new.

For a livelier encounter try the laser weapon. It blasts holes through the
soft tissues of our test subject and proves once and for all, that aliens
really are like onions . . . lots of layers. You’ll see ALL the gooey layers
of an ugly alien in amazing clarity. The wonders of multi-dimensional
tessellation never cease. The future is looking bright indeed!

Recommended System:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 500 series GPU
2.5 GHz Dual core CPU
2 GB System memory
600 MB Hard drive space
Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7

You can download the demo HERE (250MB).

16 thoughts on “NVIDIA GTX 580 Alien vs Triangles Tessellation and PhysX Demo Available”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    i wonder why physx is only CPU based on this (and the rocketsled demo)

  2. Psolord

    Great presentation JeGo. Thanks! xD

    It runs at 70fps on what res though?

    If your 480 hit 70fps, I guess my 460 could go up to 35ish. Not bad. I’ll get back at this.

  3. JeGX Post Author

    Yes sorry, I forgot this important info: resolution 1920×1080 😉

    Yep, your GTX 460 can handle without pb this demo!

  4. Zibri

    I don’t get it..
    I ran this on my couple of 460 in SLI.

    I get about 35 to 50 FPS but the GPU load is 47% on both cards.

    So I think I could do 60-70 fps.. but I don’t understand why they are both working at 45-50% load 🙁

  5. Zibri

    Very strange.. after some testing and after installing 262.99 drivers (I modified the INF file so they support my 460 GTX) I get 52 FPS with SLI disabled, but 25 with SLI enabled.. that doesn’t make any sense 🙁

  6. Zibri

    As a side note: I reverted back to 261.00 drivers.
    With 262.99 I was having much lower scores on all benchmarks..

  7. Pad

    Maybe it helps,go to your Nvidia Driver under Section 3d Settings(hope,its called like this,cause i got german version)

    There must be a section called energymagament or something,there you should be on maximum power setting…or whatever soudns like this:)

    The Techdemo runs at 81 fps on my GTX470 with 1680×1050 pixels

  8. Pad

    Thats very strange,on the Nvidia Homepage you only find this driver for the GTX580,all others only show the 260.99 Driver package up. Maybe the New Driver is not optimized for older cards?

  9. Zibri

    @Pad maybe..

    about the demo.. with sli disabled runs fine at 52 fps. With sli enabled it goes DOWN to 25 or about 40-45.. but looking at the GPU utilization both the cards are at 40% !

    I’m getting tired of nvidia crappy demos.
    My cards are perfect in any 3d game and any good benchmark.

  10. Psolord


    Why don’t you try some custom SLI profile mate? As for the SLI scaling, well, even if it’s an Nvidia demo, you can’t expect yesterday’s driver to have support for tomorrow’s 3D demo, right? Be patient and the next beta will bring SLI support for you. Same goes with ATI. Don’t worry.

  11. Zibri

    It’s strange anyhow.. because SLI in AFR is very simple.. every card renders half frame or even/odd frames..

    Anyhow nvidia demos are technically crappy usually…

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