GeForce GTX 580 Listed in R261.00

GeForce GTX 580 device ID listed in R261.00
GTX 580, GTS 455 and even a simple 405…

Obviously, looks like the launching of the new GeForce GTX 580 is imminent, if we judge by the numerous under-control leaks… After this slip-up, we have today another incontestable proof: the device id of the GeForce GTX 580 is listed in new R261.00, a set of drivers for developers.

Actually, GTX 580 device id is listed only in the 32-bit version of R261.00.

By the way, like for R260.93, the OpenCL Julia4D demo works fine with this dev driver 😀

NVIDIA R261.00 + GPU Caps Viewer + OpenCL Julia4D demo

NVIDIA R261.00 graphics drivers download

Download for desktop PC:

Download for notebooks: