AMD Radeon HD 6850 Launch Day: Meet Barts PRO

AMD Radeon HD 6850
AMD Radeon HD 6850 reference board

AMD’s Radeon HD 6850 is a limited version of the Radeon HD 6870: two SIMD engines have been disabled. What does it mean? Simply that the Barts PRO GPU, hidden behind the VGA cooler of the HD 6850, features 960 scalar processors instead of 1120 for the HD 6870 (each SIMD engine has 80 scalar processors). The Radeon HD 6850 is priced at USD $179.


Here are the official specifications of the HD 6850:

  • GPU: Barts PRO @ 775MHz, 1.7 billion transistors, TSMC 40nm
  • Scalar processors: 960
  • Memory: 1024MB GDDR5 @ 1000MHz real speed (4000MHz effective), 256-bit (see HERE) for memory speed details)
  • Color ROPs: 32
  • Texture units: 48
  • TDP: 127W (idle: 19W)
  • Power connectors: one 6-pin
  • 3D APIs: OpenGL 4 and Direct3D 11
  • GPU Computing: OpenCL 1.0, DirectCompute 11

HD 6850, GPU-Z

HD 6850 with 1120 shader processors
Some HD 6850 come with 1120 shader processors enabled…

For performances (OpenGL and Direct3D) just jump to the Radeon HD 6870 article.

We can all the same mention the OpenGL 4 tessellation score with TessMark (normal tessellation mode: X16):

HD 6850, TessMark
Single HD 6850, source

HD 6850 Crossfire, TessMark
HD 6850 in Crossfire, source

And here is the score in ShaderToyMark:

HD 6850, ShaderToyMark
Single HD 6850, source

Power consumption and GPU temperature

HD 6850, FurMark, power consumption

HD 6850, FurMark, GPU temperature

You can find other tests with FurMark HERE and HERE.

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HD 6850 VGA cooler seems to be a great source of inspiration for our graphics card makers…

MSI R6850


Powercolor HD 6850

ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU