NVIDIA Quadro 600 and Quadro 2000: PRO versions of GT 430 and GTS 450

NVIDIA Quadro 600
NVIDIA Quadro 600

NVIDIA has launched two new Fermi-based Quadro cards: the Quadro 600 and the Quadro 2000. Both products bring NVIDIA professional cards in your PC for a small price.

The Quadro 600 features 96 cores and seems to be the professional version of the upcoming GeForce GT 430 based on a GF106 GPU. The Quadro 600 embarks 1GB of DDR3 memory, has a thermal design power (TDP) of 40W and is priced at around US $199.

NVIDIA Quadro 2000
NVIDIA Quadro 2000

The Quadro 2000 features 192 cores and is the professional version of the GeForce GTS 450 based on a GF106 GPU. The Quadro 2000 comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, has a TDP of 62W and is priced at around US $599.


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  • Korvin77

    hmm most interesting thing! low priced pro… it’s maybe for professionals who get small money or who wants to be a pro in the future. as I know the only difference is more correct the opengl driver.

  • Korvin77

    and a big price of course!!!

  • WacKEDmaN

    yeah id like to know how they justify the blow out in price when they are using the same core and memory

    $130 for GTS450 VS $600 for the same core, same memory, different HSF..where does this extra cost come from?

  • WacKEDmaN

    err sorry…not the same memory..it has ECC on quadro’s..bit of extra cost there..but i wouldnt think $470 worth!

  • jK

    I assume it has full (1/2) double precision performance, too. (instead 1/12? of the GTS450)

  • I kinda like those heatsinks instead of all those “omg-supercool-gamer-design-with-a-random-fantasy-chick-painted-on-it” fans around -_-

    Simple, pro-looking – i like it.

  • Stefem

    Superior component quality, full DP performance, ECC, professional guarantee and assistance, a completely different set of drivers developed by a dedicated team and specifically optimized for key professional software plus other features and accessory very useful for pro

  • Rafael

    – Superior component quality, full DP performance, ECC, professional guarantee and assistance, a completely different set of drivers developed by a dedicated team and specifically optimized for key professional software plus other features and accessory very useful for pro –

    I think you’re inside the matrix….

    Superior component – besides the ecc memory, the chip is the same. unless you call the cooler a ‘component’
    Full DP performance – when you dont have nothing to offer, you just cap the DP from geforces.. unfortunately…
    professional guarantee – ok, its fair
    completely set of drivers!!! -probably 90% of quadro and geforce drivers have a shared codebase, simply doesnt make any sense have 2 teams developing the same thing. Quadro drivers have extensions for a few 3d and cad programs, just that. But somebody that expends $3000 needs to feel special, so they think that this driver is made specially for him!
    … enough – overpriced item, just because the pro market accepts that.

  • hey folks,

    it seems that you don’t undertand the facts.
    you can buy the best geforce consumer gpu that you can get for money and you even don’t have the same performance in cad-progz like catia as with the cheapest quadro you can get.
    that’s the reason for buying that quadro graphics-card when you work professional with it and earn your money with cad-constructions.
    Then it’s worth the money.

    plz excuse my bad english, i’m from germany.



  • Birdmad

    Use 3ds Max or Maya 2011 with a GTS 450, then change out to a Quadro 2000. Same cards you would think, until you see the frame rate and performance differences. They are like night and day. Completely different performance considering they are 90% the same cards. If you just tool around on your computer and don’t do anything real then you wouldn’t understand. Work with Maya 2011 for 14 hours a day then you’ll start to understand. Or not. Small brains send to think small all the time.

  • Xebecs

    I agree you could soft mod some gts’s to meet these cards benchmark, will not be exactly same if you were using the ‘real’ card. Besides approximate -50% performance drop in average cad/dcc apps will never satisfy you if you want more efficiency. I don’t see any point soft modding to these cards if you are missing the award winning technologies that they really provides…

  • Once long ago,as an amateur video editor/gamer geek, I thought the performance upgrade to be only marginal. I made the inexperienced decision to just go with a financially cheaper, but technically more powerful geforce. Of course I wasn’t doing 3D, or effects compositing back then. I can tell you after 3 and a half years of schooling in digital video production what I thought I knew as a gamer; Geforce performance in professional applications sucks. Geforce cards work,but it is like hammering a nail with your fist in comparison, even when you hack the drivers or use many of the existing work around and open them up for certain applications, (screw you adobe, I love anyways).
    I am currently upgrading my home workstation to a quadro after having worked on one. I will build a second system out of all the leftovers for gaming.

    As much as quadro rocks at getting work done, Geforce cards function better for gaming.

    It all comes down to whether you want to work, or play? Either way you need the the right tool.

    While the idea of bowling with a cannon ball sounds fun, it would really slow down your game.

  • Graham

    There are far more gamers in the world than CAD designers and along with aid from game mfgs. there is a larger economic base to pull from.This keeps the cost down on these cards.To optimize for these other users requires a slightly different card design,i.e. different connector set,etc.,this takes design time, different tool set up,resulting in a separate production run and those associated cost,same thing for the software.No matter how simple it is someone gets paid for it.