id Software Releases Return to Castle Wolfenstein Source Code

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Nice news, id Software has published (under GPL license) few days ago on their FTP, the source of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Here are the direct download links (the FTP is available HERE):

Enemy Territory source code tree
Enemy Territory source code tree


  • Korvin77

    maybe someone will build it for Win7 x64 because it doesnt work fir me 🙁

  • DAud

    I wish they went forward with Rage so they can release Doom 3 source as promised, but it seems like there is still a whole year until that…

  • Jasper

    Hah, thanks id 🙂

  • bolski

    Wolfenstein works fine for me under Windows 7 X64.

  • 张鹏

    谢谢id。是你们的精神感动了我 是你们的游戏丰富了我的生活。
    Thanks id for your game, also your code