NVIDIA GeForce GT 420: Specifications

GeForce GT 420

NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 is the first entry level graphics card of the Fermi generation. Currently, the GeForce GT 420 is only for OEM. Here are the features of this card:

  • GPU: GF108 @ 700MHz, 40nm
  • Shader processors: 48 @ 1400MHz
  • Memory: 2GB GDDR3 128-bit @ 1800MHz DDR speed or 900MHz real speed (the one displayed by GPU-Z).
  • TDP: 50W
  • 3D APIs: OpenGL 4 and Direct3D 11
  • GPU computing: OpenCL 1.1, PhysX, CUDA DirectCompute

GeForce GT 420

15 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GT 420: Specifications”

  1. Korvin77

    oh sh…. 2GB of 128bit VRAM! I have 512MB only, I’m being depressed!!!

  2. sirdan

    Yea, and so much TDP. This is awsome improvement. Don’t you think?

  3. Adamos

    Why put 2gb in such a card is beyond me ( well other than marketing that is ). That card will never use 2gb.

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  5. Anonymous

    It’s GDDR3 though, No point crying over that it’s 2gb for GDDR3.

  6. Pitchertaker

    Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 will put that 2-gigs of DDR3 to good use.

  7. Wigz

    can someone please tell me if this can run games like bad company 2 or battlefield 3 well?

  8. Gamer

    This grafic card will run Battlefield 5 dude.
    Same for cod 11. Its a powerfull grafic card and with the added memory, its a total win.

  9. Falkas

    I’ve seen this card in use during Bad Company 2.
    With an i7-2600k and resolution 1680×1050 no more than medium and filtering on 4. Over that it’s not playable

  10. Ted

    Just buying an gaming computer with some Radeon HD 6950 2GB graphics card and I’m wondering if I should keep my old one (2 GB nVidia GeForce GT 420) or should I keep to the one I’m getting with the new computer please response LIKE FAST,
    buying it july the 6th/7th so please response as fast as you can before I’m selling my old Graphic card Thanks 🙂

  11. mounir

    dude i played crysis 2 in extrme graphic mode with this card awsome !!! highest resolution !

  12. Swodi

    I don’t know people are rate it soo poorly. I have this card with a i5-2400 and I’m able to play Battle field 3 in Ultra settings at 1920×1080. The performance was just spectacular.

  13. Roardo1

    Got this card and it runs WoW on medium, MW2 on medium and Mafia II on medium. reso must be lower than 1100*800 or it’ll crash. IT WONT RUN MW3 or BC3… along with my 3.3 Intel i7 quad and 8 gigs of ram

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