Epic Citadel: Unreal Engine 3 Running on iPhone and iPad

Epic Citadel is an application that showcases the technical capabilities of the Unreal Engine 3 on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone.

More information on Epic Citadel HERE.



  • xcbb

    Epic should make (finish?) the Linux version of UT3 first.

  • Romain

    Yeah right…

    They have a potential of millions of people through IPhone & IPad for a new gaming market for them and…
    They would spent time on linux where PC Gamers have already Windows anyway.

    Business sense anyone ?

  • Korvin77

    Linux is not for games because of OpenGL which is not supported by Unreal Engine because it is used by XBOX which makes a MONEY 😀

  • DrBalthar

    Bollocks for iOS4 they would have had to include OpenGL|ES2.0 backend in UE3. Looks good but again same issue I have with id Techdemo for iPhone. Static backgrounds, no player characters no interaction so could be all nicely textured and lightmapped but very low poly (it all looked very low-poly to me). And why they were so awaring about that cheap-o flat floor mirror reflection. That trick is like 15 years old guys.

  • Psolord

    Yes that much is very interesting indeed. The framerate is not that great though. We are seeing 20-25fps. Still impressive for such a device.

    I think that many Android powered devices could provide similar results though. I mean the Apple A4 is still a Cortex A8 and a PowerVR gpu, right?