[GPU Tool] TessMark 0.2.2: New OpenGL 4 Tessellation Benchmark

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Geeks3D TessMark - OpenGL 4 Tessellation Benchmark

Now that DX11-class graphics cards, like Radeon HD 5000 series or GeForce GTX 400 series, are more and more popular, it was time to release a new benchmark for these modern cards. This new GPU tool, called TessMark, is small synthetic graphics benchmark focused on one of the killer features of Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 4 capable cards, I mean the GPU tessellation.

Like Unigine Heaven, TessMark allows to select the level tessellation. The small difference is that TessMark proposes four differents levels (see the screenshots at the end of the post):

  • moderate
  • normal
  • extreme
  • insane

Geeks3D TessMark - Tessellation levels

Moderate and normal levels are levels we’ll find in real world applications like games. Extreme and insane levels are reserved for GPUs with much tessellation processing power and for the required touch of madness that a graphics benchmark must have 😉

[ TessMark Comparative Table ]
GTX 480 vs GTX 460 vs HD 5870 vs…

TessMark is an OpenGL 4 benchmark. That means you can play with GPU tessellation under Windows XP, Vista and Seven. Of course, you need a GeForce GTX 400 series or a Radeon HD 5000 Series. No GPU tessellation with previous generation of graphics cards!

Stop talking, here is the DOWNLOAD:
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*** WARNING ***: there is a BUG in Catalyst 10.7 that prevents to use OpenGL 4 GPU tessellation on all Radeon HD 5800. Other Radeon like HD 5700 are not affected by this bug.

+++ UPDATE +++: the tessellation bug with Catalyst 10.7 + Radeon HD 5870 has been fixed in Catalyst 10.8.

The bug may lead to this rendering:

Geeks3D TessMark - HD 5870 bug
TessMark + HD 5870 + Catalyst 10.7

Since tessellation is fun, TessMark includes two sets of textures used by the tessellation shaders:

Geeks3D TessMark - Map sets

Geeks3D TessMark - Map sets

The key F2 allows to switch the rendering mode: wireframe of solid (default):

Geeks3D TessMark - Tessellation levels
Moderate tessellation level

Geeks3D TessMark - Tessellation levels
Normal tessellation level

Geeks3D TessMark - Tessellation levels
Extreme tessellation level

Geeks3D TessMark - Tessellation levels
Insane tessellation level