MSI N480GTX HydroGen: A Water Cooled GeForce GTX 480

MSI N480GTX HydroGen

MSI has released a new 480-core GF100 based card: the N480GTX HydroGen. This GeForce is equiped with a large full copper waterblock that covers around 70% of the PCB:

MSI N480GTX HydroGen

MSI N480GTX HydroGen

This GTX 480 comes with reference clocks (GPU: 700MHz and memory: 3696MHz QDR speed). Factory-overclocked GPU would have been nice… Anyway, water cooling is the best solution to chill a GTX 480 so all graphics cards overclockers will be happy.

This N480GTX HydroGen is priced at around… US $700.

By the way, did you already see how such a water block is made? Just watch the video in this post: Making of aquagrafx Water Block for GTX 480.


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