KFA2 GTX 460 Vacuum Cleaner Edition

KFA2 graphics cards maker

KFA2 GTX 460

I just discovered KFA2, a new graphics card maker. KFA2 is the European premium brand of Galaxy and they produce cards for hardcore gamers (only non-reference fans and non-reference PCBs are used and the cards are factory-overclocked).

KFA2’s new GTX 460 (see HERE for more information about NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460) looks nice, at least on Guru3D’s shots 😉

This card features a detachable fan (like the Galaxy GTX 470) that allows to clean out the dust:

KFA2 GTX 460 with the detachable fan

Stressed by a hefty shader application (I guess it’s FurMark but Guru3D remains unclear), KFA2 GTX 460 1024MB does not exceed 64°C for a power consumption of 174W.

KFA2 should update the GTX 480 pictures, I see only NVIDIA’s reference board and not a nice customized GTX 480 ;D