Infrared Pictures of the GeForce GTX 460

Infrared picture of the GTX 460
GTX 460 under load

These images show the GTX 460 reference board stressed by 3DMark06. The VRM part is particularly hot because the evacuation of the hot air is less efficient in this zone of the card (maybe due to the case or / and the hard discs that are near the card). So good VRM cooling is required.

Infrared picture of the GTX 460
GTX 460 in idle



  • DrBalthar

    Well looking at that infrared image parts of the GPU seem to be getting nearly as hot as the GF100 variant! Doesn’t look like they solved that problem at all!

  • ddd

    Lol 101 degrees….

  • filip007

    That’s boiling point, just don’t put finger on that, maybe can Geforce work better on high altitude like Mont Everest, who knows?