[3D Programming] Fast A-Buffer With Reduced Memory Footprint Using OpenGL 4.0

OpenGL 4.0 A-Buffer
The memory optimized version runs at around 320FPS.

Icare3D has updated its OpenGL 4.0 demo about A-buffer. This new version uses less memory for storing the per-pixel fragments (the memory footprint has been divided by around 10) but there is a little impact on the rendering speed.

You can download the binary and source code HERE.

OpenGL 4.0 A-Buffer
The basic version runs at around 420FPS



  • Reavenk

    OoO, actual linked list A-Buffering in hardware APIs, this is gonna be huge.

  • xcbb

    Impressive memory savings.
    This is going to be so useful for game engines and simulations.