[Test] OpenGL Geometry Instancing: GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 5870


OpenGL Geometry Instancing: GTX 480 vs HD 5870
Asteroid belt and Geometry Instancing: up to 180 millions polygons rendered in real time – Click to zoom

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1 – Introduction

I took the time for updating the OpenGL Geometry Instancing demo pack updated I released more than 2 years ago on my infamous lab. The first version of the demo pack
has been developed and tested with a GeForce 8800 GTX and a Radeon HD 3870 and only the 8800 GTX had the HW GI (HardWare Geometry Instancing) support that why the demos didn’t start if the card was not a 8800 GTX…

Today, all recent NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards support the HW GI so a serious update of the pack was necessary. It’s done. And of course it’s not a simple recompilation with the 8800 GTX test in less, the demos have been updated with many more polygons and a new GI technique based on uniform buffer. And this time, all GI techniques work with GeForce and Radeon. Thanks to NV and ATI drivers teams!

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