GeForce GTX 460 Reference Card

GeForce GTX 460 Reference card

The upcomming GeForce GTX 460 powered by the GF104 GPU is a two-slot height card with two 6-pin power connectors.

GeForce GTX 460 Reference card

More information will surface in the next days.


3 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 460 Reference Card”

  1. Adamos

    So far disappointed on nvidia’s Dx11 offerings
    and if the Gtx465 performance and price is any indication the Gtx460 will be somewhere between a 570 and a 5830 performance wise and a 5830 and 5850 price wise. Also the 2 6x connectors indicate just like the other 4xx series card it will be way to power hungry compared to Ati 58xx series

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