[GPU Computing] NVIDIA OpenCL 1.1 SDK and R258.19 Drivers

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OpenCL 1.1 - R258.19 + GTX 480
OpenCL 1.1 – R258.19 + GTX 480 + GPU Caps Viewer

NVIDIA has published a pre-release R258.19 display driver and a new OpenCL SDK for GPU Computing registered developers.

R258.19 comes with CUDA 3.2.1 (the last R257.21 works with CUDA 3.1.1).

I just downloaded the new R258.19 driver (you need an account to download it) to see how GPU Caps Viewer works with. And a serious update of GPU Caps is required because only the PostFX and Particles OpenCL demos work with the new driver R258.19. I’m going to tackle this update asap!

The new GPU computing SDK (version 1.1…) comes with 34 OpenCL samples including GL and D3D interop exemples and even a multi-GPU demo. Great!

OpenCL 1.1 - Direct3D 10 interop
OpenCL 1.1 – Direct3D 10 interop

Same thing than for the drivers, you need an account to download the SDK.



  • Arun

    Does Nvidia 8 series support OpenCL 1.1 ?

  • dmarchet

    yes, only for the devices already support CL1.0

  • kj

    I’ve tried to install the driver, and it has failed with message that i have no compatibile hw.
    Does anyone know, if it is possible [and how] to handle with this problem?
    I’ve got GeForce 8600M GS, and 258.96 driver now, but has only OpenCL 1.0 support.
    Thanks in advance!