GTX 480 Cooled by Gelid ICY VISION and Stressed by Kombustor

Gelid Solutions's ICY VISION VGA Cooler

Gelid Solutions's ICY VISION VGA Cooler

Gelid Solutions, a swiss company (like Artic Cooling) but based in Hong Kong, has launched its new baby, the ICY VISION, a VGA cooler for HD 4800 series, HD 5800 series, 9800GT/GTX, GTS 250, GTX 200 series and GTX 400 series. Nice!

The ICY VISION features 5 heatpipes, pure copper base and aluminium fins. It’s compatible with SLI and Crossfire systems and includes RAM
and VRM heatsinks. The ICY VISION is priced at around 46 euros.

Okay that’s cool but waht about the performances?

I found in the chinese website, an ICY VISION test with a GTX 480. And MSI Kombustor has been used to torture the VGA cooler :D

Here are the results (open air test bench):

Gelid Solutions's ICY VISION VGA Cooler on a GTX 480

MSI Kombustor used to stress a GTX 480 with ICY VISION VGA Cooler

GTX 480 Stock Cooler (fan speed auto)
– idle: 46°C
– full loaded: 88°C
– full loaded + OC: 91°C

GTX 480 Stock Cooler (fan speed 100% + earplugs required)
– idle: 41°C
– full loaded: 64°C
– full loaded + OC: 76°C

– idle: 37°C
– full loaded: 67°C
– full loaded + OC: 72°C

The tester has used Kombustor in limited power draw mode. In this mode, the GPU requires less power to render the furry MSI. And less power means less heat production and lower GPU temperature. A more aggressive test (Kombustor power draw unlocked = FurMark-like mode) would have been interesting, just to have a comparison with Thermalright SpitFire

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